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Electrical Hazard Protection (PPE), insulating tools and clothing

Ottotecnica designs and manufactures electrical risk protection devices and tools: insulating tools, insulated and rescue sticks, gloves, carpets, clothing, etc. The company operates in the areas of BT-MT-AT ELECTRICITY DISTRIBUTION | LV-MV-HV ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTION | RAILWAY TRACTION | TRAMWAY, TROLLEYBUS AND SUBWAY TRACTION. For almost twenty years, Ottotecnica has been envolved in the drafting of national and international standards CEI and IEC-TC 78 relating to grounding and short-circuiting, insulating tubes and voltage detectors.

Catalogs and technical specifications are in PDF format (free Adobe Readerâ„¢ required to read the documents)

In April 2019, Ottotecnica becomes part of the French ESP / NOVARC Group, a renowned brand that has been operating worldwide for decades in the field of electrical protection, insulating ESP tools and insulated protective clothing.

Safety and protection for LV / MV / HV electrical distribution systems


Safety and protection from electrical risk: tools and insulated clothing