Conical poles manufacturing cycle

Flattening and cutting of sheet metal

At the beginning of the manufacturing process of Tecnopali conical poles, the sheet metal roll is flattened with a combined “straightening-leveling machine”, with trimming at the edges to obtain adequate dimensional tolerances. The metal sheet is then cut with a longitudinal shear obtaining two equal trapezoids.

Truncated cone shape

The trapezoid is formed in a truncated cone using bending presses served by automatic numerically controlled manipulators.

Welding the conical poles

The edges of the truncated cone are joined longitudinally by means of automatic and manual welding procedures. The welds are carried out in compliance with specific processing techniques (WPS) in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 15609-2 standards and adopting qualified procedures (WPAR) in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 15614-1 standards. All welding workers are qualified with a license according to UNI EN ISO 14732 and UNI EN ISO 9606.


At the end of the welding phase, the conical poles are subjected to specific processes at the base (eg slots) and at the tip (eg calibration).

Testing and quality control by Tecnopali

Each conical poles manufacturing process is subjected to constant control by the employees who work under the supervision of Tecnopali Quality Control Office Manager.

Download Tecnopali conical poles pdf sheets (in Italian)

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