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Tecnopali: public lighting poles regulations.

UNI EN 10025 Hot rolled products of structural steels.
UNI EN 10219 Cold formed hollow sections of unalloyed and fine grain steels for welded structures. Aluminum and UNI EN 485 aluminum alloys - Sheets, strips and plates.
UNI EN 1706 Aluminum and aluminum alloys - Castings - Chemical composition and mechanical characteristics.
UNI EN ISO 1461 Hot dip galvanizing coatings on ferrous finished products and steel articles. Specifications and test methods.


UNI EN 40-2 Public lighting poles. General requirements and size.
UNI EN 40-3-1 Public lighting poles. Specification of characteristic loads.
UNI EN 40-3-3 Public lighting poles. Design and verification.
UNI EN 40-5 Public lighting poles. Specification for steel poles for public lighting.

Marks CE

The European standard EN 40 "Public lighting poles", which also introduces specific rules in Italy for designing and manufacturing lighting poles, came into force in 2005 in all European Union countries. The CE marking therefore becomes mandatory for all companies ( like Tecnopali ) that produce and market public lighting poles in the European Union: only products complying with EN 40 regulation will be able to have the CE marking. The certification of conformity with CE marking of the products is the guarantee of the high quality level constantly achieved, checked and renewed over time by Tecnopali. The marking is the guarantee of compliance with all applicable regulations, an essential element and a reference point for correct use and appropriate future maintenance. For each pole, in the pole-top or arm configuration, the characteristics and performance for correct use must be defined, which can also be found in the technical files of the companies. The CE marking, according to EN 40, is always applied to the pole but does not concern the electrical system and the lighting body. The products for which certification is mandatory are: public lighting poles over 3 m high; straight poles with a height of less than 20 m (measured at the attack of the lamp); poles with an outreach of a height of less than 18 m (measured at the attachment of the lamp). The CE marking is not mandatory for: torrifaro (load-bearing structure for lighting devices with stairs, platforms and electric manual handling systems); signaling supports, traffic light poles, photovoltaic poles. The CE marking serves to certify that the product complies with the characteristics indicated in Annex ZA of the EN 40-5 standard (steel poles) and with the technical specifications reported in the other parts of the standard, and that it can therefore be placed on the market. CE marked products are therefore suitable for use and comply with European requirements.

Declaration of conformity

The manufacturer ( Tecnopali in this case ) must draw up a declaration of conformity (EC Declaration of Conformity) which includes the following information:

  • name and address of the manufacturer or authorized representative established in the EEA;
  • name and address of the certification body; description of the product type, identification, use);

Product compliance:

resistance to horizontal loads; type of design verification calculation (C) or tests (T); reference wind speed; land category; area exposed to the wind and weight of the top; class of resistence; performance after a collision with a vehicle: type of performance (class 0 if the pole does not have passive safety requirements; particular conditions applicable to the use of the product (for example provision for use in certain conditions, etc.) .); number of the EC certificate of conformity; name and position of the person in charge of signing the declaration on behalf of the manufacturer or authorized representative.

The aforementioned declaration and certificate must be available in the official language or languages of the EU member state (s) where the product is to be used.

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