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Enel approved materials

R.E.F.I. sas was founded in 1995 as a sales agent of Enel approved materials and Enel registered products that are compliant with Enel specification, operating with exclusive mandates in most regions of central Italy.

Enel approved products are products and materials (more generally, components and equipment) which, through an evaluation procedure (and subsequent approval) by Enel, are recognized as compliant (approved, in fact) to be connected to the distribution networks of Enel electricity.

This homologation process consists of a first phase of project approval ( known as type-approval ), with prototype tests performed at an accredited laboratory and subsequent certification provided by an accredited Certification Body, followed by some stages of inspection: one that Enel carries out at the manufacturer's plant; other inspections and tests conducted by the manufacturer. The Enel specification generally requires electro-mechanical safety tests, functional tests and various other types of tests.

Since 2003, Enel has allowed companies to purchase part of their materials; therefore, R.E.F.I. had the opportunity to start distributing all this range of Enel registered products.

The Enel approved products we can offer are:

Energy cables, bare conductors, Enel approved joints and terminations (REPL), cable lugs, connectors, terminals, crosspieces, shelves, voltage arresters, Enel approved compartments (OEMB), anchor clamps, suspension clamps, perforation terminals, insulators, Enel approved doors and windows (NTET), fiberglass doors and windows, fiberglass cabinets, MV switchboards, MV compartments DY800, DY 400 UP, RGdat, LV switchboards, switches, cabin signage, insulated tools, cable preparation tools, earthing and short circuit devices, electric arc resistant clothing and any other product you may need.

In our warehouse you will find (ready for delivery) a wide range of products for connecting photovoltaic systems to the Enel network.

R.E.F.I. srl is one of the most important Italian companies where you can buy Enel approved materials; don't hesitate to contact us

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N.B.: All the prices listed in the Enel approved materials and Enel registered products price lists are purely indicative and are subject to change without notice. For detailed information about the actual costs of Enel registered products listed in our price lists, please contact R.E.F.I. directly

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