LED Lighting

LED lighting

R.E.F.I. sas is the sales agent of companies operating in the LED lighting design sector, especially those engaged in the production of materials and technologies oriented towards LED lighting. Due to the high durability and very high efficiency of its equipment compared to traditional systems, LED technology is the natural evolution and the future of both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Light pollution

Light pollution is an alteration of the light levels naturally present in the night environment. This alteration causes damage of various kinds: environmental, scientific, cultural and economic. The most used legislative definition (see below) qualifies it as “any direct light irradiation outside the areas to which it is functionally dedicated, and in particular towards the celestial vault”.

LED lighting and lighting design

Light is one of the most important energy resources that man has available.
Attention to environmental sustainability and respect for natural heritage is a cultural issue that has affected every area of ​​economic and production development in recent decades. This is why we have embarked on a "green path" of conscious choices, of continuous research and constant updating, to produce a "right light", both technically and functionally sustainable. In this sense, LED lighting and lighting design play an essential role in limiting or eliminating light pollution and energy waste: all our fixtures intended for public lighting are CUT-OFF and are compliant with the Italian legislation on light pollution.
We work exclusively with market leading brands such as: REPL, Tecnopali, GMR Enlights, Intellilight ...

Thematic areas:

LED street lighting | Lighting poles | LED floodlights | High mast lighting towers with raising and lowering device

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