Safety and Electrical Protection

Safety and Electrical Protection

The technicians who deal with the assembly, repair and maintenance of electrical systems are always subjected to an electrical risk (that must always be evaluated and taken into consideration). In particular, precautions must be taken before operating in the electrical system and appropriate protections must be used to safeguard worker's life. Our company supplies electrical PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) by leading companies; personal protective equipment and electrical safety clothing must necessarily be worn by workers before performing the aforementioned tasks.

PPE and safety clothing

R.E.F.I. sas is both a sales agent and a reseller of electrical risk protection devices and electrical safety clothing as part of the management of LV, MV and HV electrical distribution systems, such as voltage detectors and grounding / short circuit devices, offering standard or customized solutions.
That's why we work exclusively with market leading brands such as: Intercable, Volta Macchine, Ottotecnica ...

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